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I can……

handle rejection but I can’t handle abandonment.

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Awoke from a dream As vivid as life And You were in it You don’t deserve it I fought for You whilst Hurting others You left me hanging high and dry Not surprised I didn’t deserve it.

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It’s the truth, believe it!

I didn’t have wait I already knew the answer Don’t be afraid of what to say I’m ok I hope you are too It’s the truth, believe it! You need to know My job is done I have nothing to … Continue reading

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  24 here you are how did you arrive I don’t know God’s will is always there Perception is mine some good, some bad a lot of sad altered states choices to make some good, some bad a lot of sad … Continue reading

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I wrote this for you.

You came to me unforeseen You needed an ear I delivered a hand brawn tenderness  a dying love arrival of time never to be forsaken my hand grasped a magnificent valiant, I found selfishly breathtaking, within a hollow core truth hesitated, desired … Continue reading

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A Word About the Death of Robin Williams

I don’t know if Robin Williams actually made this statement, but it is so true. Facebook is riddled with contrived comments of sadness and grief over his depression. You know what? These people are full of shit. Not a single … Continue reading

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  Fantasies twist the mind Tornados blow dust Blocks clarity Loss of focus The mind spins Like a whirling dervish Who am I kidding With too many trees I cannot see the forest To see through is blinding Unless I … Continue reading

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Weather’s past seasons Sprinkled with spices Depriving its fiery climate From stormy moments It came to pass Weeks a breezed Exceedingly swept Meadows, lost Strength Leaves escape trees Griping silence arrives A shallow breath, the Cooling skin Longing for a warm touch, Thrusting Stars shooting by … Continue reading

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  Plug in and I feel Great power of magnetism Electricity charges the body It fries the mind when Lightening strikes Confuse my soul between fantasy and what’s real Electricity explodes Hearts into tiny pieces Another spark To come or … Continue reading

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800 forgotten babies buried in mass grave at Irish Catholic home | More of the ages old anti-abortion hypocrisy. Why bring in a life into this world when you’re only going to snuff it out in some medieval way? … Continue reading

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