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A native of Los Angeles, and grew up in a suburb. Came from a broken, emotionally disconnected, violent and abusive home. Overcoming a variety of traumatic experiences that has shaped my life’s perception, warped as it maybe. Sex, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll got me through my adolescent years. I was 21 years old when I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous on 9/16/1990. My drug dealer dragged me to a meeting. I’ve always been a fighter, since I never had anyone to protect me as a child. I have a lot to say, and I need to express it. I like to write, but I need to feel safe to do it. My interests include photography, heavy metal (music in general), hiking, comedy clubs, Apple gadgets, and fashion. I’m currently in school majoring in Nonprofit Management and I am a licensed insurance broker in the state of California. I’m an animal lover. I have two cats, and a dog. I have never had children, so they are my babies. I have a love/hate relationship with life.

Today’s Libra horoscope….The Story of My Life

Defending your position might be necessary this weekend, especially if you feel your emotional security is tied up with the need to protect yourself. You don’t have to go too far out of your way and waste energy trying to … Continue reading

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Only one way to go

I’m trying to controls breath But the panic lies just beneath Tapping on my broken spirit Daring me to lose control Of all my senses begging to cease Torchered by racing thoughts of despair, anguish, fear Loathsome is my vehicle … Continue reading

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When your schedule permits

The more I think of ending my life The more I desensitize the fear The less selfish I feel When I remember why All the selfish reasons I was brought into this world Mark my words the day will come … Continue reading

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Mother…..It’s hard to love myself when I hate you so much

I can’t love until you are dead.

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Time to Rise

New beginnings taking place Where do I go from here? Sun is rising Darkness a shadow Music in the background Bleeding ears Loudness frees the soul Beating drums under red lights Singing songs of yesteryear The soundtrack of my past … Continue reading

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I can……

handle rejection but I can’t handle abandonment.

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What I thought was a blessing turned out to be a curse

The bankruptcy is never ending. I have lost people closest to me, I have lost one of my beloved cats, I lost a great amount of money, I gave up my life for what I thought was taking care of … Continue reading

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Awoke from a dream As vivid as life And You were in it You don’t deserve it I fought for You whilst Hurting others You left me hanging high and dry Not surprised I didn’t deserve it.

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My TOP 10 picks for “Sexiest Men Alive”

Right now, I’m watching “Workaholics” on Comedy Central, and Jeff Fahey is playing a part. Since I was teen, I always thought he was so damn sexy. Who couldn’t be mesmerized by those big blue eyes? and those lips!? So, … Continue reading

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Change is inevitable A merchant makes change Our perceptions change We’re forced into change People change Humans are always paying a price Change is life.

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